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Welcome to the future
of home extensions

hup! is the revolutionary new way to extend your home and create beautiful, bright living spaces quickly, with minimal disruption to your home and family.

A building revolution

hup! uses highly energy efficient Ultrapanels in place of traditional brick walls and timber and slate roofs. These groundbreaking panels make hup! extensions five times more energy efficient than the average UK home so that even with plenty of glass, hup! extensions are every bit as warm as the rest of your home. This advanced technology also means that hup! extensions can be built five times faster than a brick extension.

Proudly British, hup! extensions are manufactured off-site in our state-of-the- art factory. Work which would usually take several months with a traditionally built extension has already been done when your hup! extension arrives at your home. Your skilled hup! builder will then build your new extension – usually in a matter of day

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The better way to build

There are many reasons why hup! is the better way to build. Forget horror stories of lengthy builds, mess and disruption to your home, and budgets spiralling out of control – with hup! all of these are eliminated.


As energy efficient as an extension

Flood your home with healthy natural light, safe in the knowledge that high performance glazing will make it as energy efficient as it is bright. Not only does this specialist glazing enhance the warmth of your home, but its properties also prevent any overheating and furniture fading in the room below.

Every hup! conservatory is constructed from materials that meet the latest Building Regulations standards for extensions.

The insulated internal pelmet in your conservatory, high performance roof glass and super-insulated walls ensure that your hup! conservatory will be as energy efficient as any modern extension.

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Conservatory transformations

Extension-like conservatory upgrades

If you have ambitions for your old conservatory, then hup! is the simple solution. Within a matter of weeks, hup! can transform an old  conservatory into a modern, energy efficient extension that feels like it is now part of your home. hup!’s lightweight, energy efficient walls are quick, easy, and cost effective to build onto existing bases.

Upgrade to a high performance glass roof, or choose a super-insulated solid roof with rooflights to transform the thermal performance of your conservatory and still keep the natural light in any adjoining rooms.

With super-insulated walls, your new hup! room will be energy efficient enough to turn your old conservatory into a modern open plan extension by removing internal doors and opening the space up to the rooms beyond.

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Extensions Five times faster than traditional methods

Are you dreaming of a bright sociable open plan room that links your living space with the garden? Maybe you’re building a new home
office or pyroom filed with healthy and stimulating natural light to create the perfect learning or working environment?

With hup! the only limit is your imagination and every hup! roof comes with high performance glass rooflighs to fill our new room with plenty of natural light.

Extending your home with hup! is both simple and fast too. There’s no need to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of managing architects, builders and various trades, and no need to worry about going over budget.

hup! is fie times faster to build than traditional methods and you’ll have one hup! team from design to completion that you can rely on to deliver on time and on budget.


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Our entire network of Distribution Partners are industry experts who boast decades of collective experience. They can provide sound, knowledgeable advice with any concern or question you may have regarding home renovation.


You never need worry about losing money you’ve put down on a job and it not getting completed


We are proud to offer Network VEKA’s insurance backed guarantee ensuring our customers are protected


The only company in Southern Britain to win the Network VEKA Customer Satisfaction Award 15 times in succession



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